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Our Mission — Prepare, Engage, & Transform.

As the local leader in the commercial cleaning industry,
our success has stemmed from our steadfast commitment
to our customers. We are proud to deliver unrivaled
cleaning service each and every day. Your satisfaction is
extremely important to us.

      Every hour of every day, we strive to:

*    Provide our customers a level of service unequaled in the
      cleaning industry

*    Commit to every cleaning project with 100 % dedication.

*    Create a cooperative atmosphere that reflects the
      personality of a successful, vibrant and enthusiastic
      company, as part of your Team.

*    Provide every Libby's Clean & Shine Employee the
      tools and the opportunity to be successful.

*    Develop an organization that will encourage all
      people to prosper and grow to their full potential.

              QUALITY is never an accident,

it is always the result of INTELLIGENT EFFORT

    Libby's Clean & Shine has a unique
    system of reprts and customized cleaning
    programs that offer the latest technology
    and state-of-the art equipment to provide
    high-quakity care.

    It is simple, set forth all you have
    prepared into motion. Libby's Clean &
    Shine training program assures each
    client they will receive professioal
    service from our staff as well as stability,
    politeness, and good judgment on the job.
    Nightly inspections give us the
    opportunity to recognize and reward the
    quality of our employees' work.

    The primary complaint of property
    managers is related to janitorial services.
    Libby's Clean & Shine can take the task
    on and minimize your janitorial cleaning
    Come see why are customers are so
    pleased with are system.

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